Pacific Connect community network platform – Slack

What is Slack?

Every Pacific Connect Community member has access to Slack, ICDP’s platform to enable post-Dialogue communication. You may already use this platform in this organisation or have heard of it. Slack is a multi-device software tool that allows you to stay in touch with people through instant messaging and video conferencing and allows people to use ‘apps’ (such as email, cloud storage and virtual meeting rooms) to enhance productivity and connectivity when working remotely.

Slack is available across all platforms, with access through its website and apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. The service synchronises all data to its online servers, so you can pick up a conversation online from where you left off on your mobile.

How do I join Slack?

  • After a Dialogue, participants receive an email with event survey instructions and a link to the Pacific Connect Slack channel.
  • You will be invited to join your Dialogue-specific channel and other all-access channels including #General, #ICDPNewsletter and #Random.

If you’re having trouble joining, please consult the Slack how-to guide here.

How do I use Slack?

Slack’s Help Centre is a great place to start. Check out their tips on how to send messages, attach files, join channels and workspaces, send emojis, search and consult the user database, and much more.

Click here for information on profile and preference settings.

Consult their ‘tricks and tips’ on how to minimise distraction, get the most out of Slackbot, and more.

What does Slack allow me to do?

Slack is designed for you to interact with Community members wherever you’re located. You can use the channel to:

  • Ask technical, policy and business questions to our community of experts
  • Respond to community members’ questions on a topic you have interest or knowledge in
  • Post updates about any business news and personal achievements
  • Connect with your mentor / mentee via personal messaging
  • Share documents / slides of a presentation you did or conference you attended which are relevant to our Community’s interests, businesses and projects
  • Post photos and videos from Pacific Connect dialogues or networking events you attended
  • Share news articles, journals, tips, How-To’s, on a range of themes covered by Pacific Connect and interests present in the Community.
  • Consult the Pacific Connect newsletter

Our network has over 500 members, all of whom can provide you with valuable advice, access to networks and opportunities for your project or business. The network is what you make of it – all Dialogue channels are open for you to read Communiqués, talk to experts and co-facilitators of a Dialogue you were unable to attend, share business information, or collaborate on a project you want to join.

Who runs the Slack channel?

ICDP moderates and hosts the Slack platform but the Community is able to shape its direction. Do you want to add a specific channel to a topic, invite new people to join, close down a group, or add in apps to increase Slack’s productivity to suit you? Easy. Let us know what you’d like to achieve, and we will accommodate these requests – this is a Community-run platform, after all!

Are there any developments planned?

We’re always looking at ways to improve our resources. If you use Slack and have any tips or apps that you think would benefit everyone, please let us know.

We currently have three apps on our platform:

  • Teamline, a simple project management tool for Slack
  • Google Drive, through which you can get Google Drive account notifications and access to files
  • Slack for Gmail, which allows you to send emails into Slack to discuss them with your fellow Community members

We plan to introduce many more for your benefit, including:

  • Zoom
  • Twitter
  • Simple Poll

Get in touch

If you need more help, or would like to make any improvements to the Community Slack, please contact Benjamin via Slack direct messages, or email (