Pacific Connect holds Virtual Workshop on Blockchain

Technology enthusiasts, Blockchain users, Pacific Connect Community members and the public came together last Tuesday 12 May for the a Virtual Workshop on Blockchain technologies. The 28 guests from nine countries participated in the hour-long informative session on the subject, hosted by Kenneth Katafono. As ICDP’s Pacific Partnerships Manager and Founder of TraSeable Solutions, Kenneth brought his experience to the fore, highlighting the many use cases for the technology in the Pacific region.

The session began with a look at the basics of Blockchain and its history before diving into current applications of the technology in Australia and the Pacific, including cryptocurrencies, disaster response applications, election technology, energy and land registry. The workshop ended with a vibrant and lengthy Q&A session which particularly focused on the cost efficiency of the technology and its potential application in Pacific Connect projects.

ICDP is implementing a program of workshops to foster collaboration and business opportunities between Australia and the Pacific in applying digital technology to support sustainable development, with a focus on women and entrepreneurs. Stay up to date on our social channels or on the website to apply for the next digital pacific workshop – coming soon!