Samoa’s first Virtual Reality training program launched

The Australian Government and DP Immersive launches Samoa’s First Virtual and Augmented Reality Training Program with support of local partners SkyEye Pacific and The Hub

Applications are now open for the Global Village Virtual and Augmented Reality Training Program in Samoa powered by DP Immersive and local partners SkyEye Pacific and The Hub.

The International Centre of Democratic Partnerships, an initiative supported by the Australian Government, is launching the Global Village Virtual and Augmented Reality Learning Program.

This program will be taught by DP Immersive, a Sydney-based creative industries firm, who has over 10 years of experience in multimedia production across the Pacific region.

Following their invitation to the Venice Biennale 2021 for their Global Village App and experience in the Shifting Homes project, DP Immersive is bringing the first Virtual and Augmented Reality (V.R. / A.R.) Training Program to Samoa.

The Global Village V.R. and A.R. Training Program is a 4-week training program that will be run as an online workshop at The Hub, Lotopa from the 6 – 27 October 2020. This is a hands-on, immersive training that will give shortlisted participants the chance to create digital elements using emerging V.R. and A.R. technology.

V.R. is the process of creating a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image. Using specialised electronic equipment, such as a headpiece with a screen or a glove with sensors, participants will be able to scan or design digital elements that live in a virtual environment where it can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way.

During the program, shortlisted participants will learn skills such as scanning and photogrammetry, and gain knowledge and understanding on how V.R. and A.R. technology is used and applied across different industries around the world.

During the 4-week program participants will receive personal mentorship and learn about how to combine V.R. skills needed to creatively capture a piece of digital art that can reside on the Global Village app designed by DP Immersive.

Participants will also be supported on-site by local partners, Fa’aso’otauloa Sam Saili, Co-founder of Skyeye Pacific and Olisana Mariner, Co-founder of The Hub located at Lotopa.

Daniel Striker, CEO of DP Immersive commented, “I was lucky enough to travel to Samoa for the Digital Pacific conference in 2017. The idea of bringing this brand new technology to Samoa was born then and there, and we’re so happy that we can get this program off the ground. I truly believe this is the beginning of a new era, where local stories and culture can be created authentically and live in the digital world, bringing new symbiotic business opportunities to anyone keen to get involved. I’m truly thankful for everyone that has helped make this a reality, especially ICDP, Ministry of Communication and Technology, SkyEye and The Hub.”

Skyeye Pacific, CEO, Fa’aso’otauloa Sam Saili 
“Virtual and Augmented Reality is the next stage of how people will interact with technology. SkyEye already works with photogrammetry using drones to construct 3D models of areas and structures we capture using drones. This was where our first interaction with Daniel and DP
Immersive occured, when Daniel noticed our 3D models at the Digital Pacific Conference in 2017. The opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge of how to create and use V.R. and A.R. is critical so that our people are not left-behind skill-wise and we can create Samoan content to be consumed not just by Samoans but for overseas audiences, so that our Samoan stories and culture is digitalised, made accessible, and continues to live and expand to the world.”

To learn more and sign up for the Global Village Remote Learning Program, please visit .

The V.R and A.R. Training Program is an initiative under Global Village. Global Village is a project funded by the ICDP Pacific Connect. ICDP is an organisation supported by the Australian Government.