Five reasons to join the Pacific Connect Program as a young entrepreneur

Opportunities come when we connect with new professionals, to share ideas and experiences. This has been one of the pillars of the Pacific Connect Program.

The program boasts a diverse community of similar-interest individuals, who wish to see change in their communities – changes that happen, mostly with the help of technology.

I am a young entrepreneur and I have been a member of the vibrant Pacific Connect Community for almost three years now.

In this article, I wish to share five reasons why you should join us if you are an aspiring entrepreneur.

  1. Social / Professional Networking

The Pacific Connect community spans the region and have members with diverse backgrounds and expertise. This community both has the supply and demand for any professional endeavors.

You can be part of this community and expand your social / professional network. Never know you may have the expertise others need, or you can find those that you need from this community.

  1. Dialogues & Ideas Exchange

The community is always looking for new ideas and problems to solve. As such, the community organized a number of dialogues throughout each year around a set of topics that demand scalable solutions.

These topics stem out of challenges faced in the region. Solutions proposed from these dialogues can be developed further into a project if resources are at its disposal.

Each year, around September and October, the whole community come together to share their achievements over the past year at an event called the Ideas Exchange.

During the Ideas Exchange, community members share the exciting project they help to deliver. There are keynote addresses by regional leaders in support of the program in the region.

These activities bring together people with diverse, cultures, experiences, qualifications and portfolios to find a common ground where they can share and solve each other’s problems.

  1. Workshops & Trainings

The Pacific Connect program also organize specialized workshops and training through its partners to deliver in-demand technical, social and leadership skills.

Members of this community have the first-hand privilege to access these resourceful workshops and trainings. Added to the perks, this is totally free to the participants.

One of the primary aims of these workshops and trainings is to provide advantage that the participants can utilize to leverage the career or entrepreneurial aspirations.

  1. Opportunities

This is one of the main benefits of joining the Pacific Connect community – opportunities are always forthcoming. I read somewhere on the internet that

Opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.

– Sir Richard Branson

This is the case when you are a member of the Pacific Connect community.

It is the rich and unique demands of this community that always provide the environment to foster opportunities.

  1. Fun

Being part of the community is fun as always. The people are fun. The programs are fun. The opportunities are even fun.

Despite the diversity, members of the community are tightly-knit and this adds to the fun.

The sheer joy of being part of this community stems from the fun it brings.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the perks of being a member of the Pacific Connect Community, more especially as a young entrepreneur.

I am confident to say that the Community benefited my entrepreneurial ambitions greatly.

I totally recommend that you should join us. It’s easy, opportunities to join can be via any of the programs and events organized, and you can be able to fine them here.

The Pacific Connect Program is implemented by the International Center for Democratic Partnerships (ICDP). The Program is sponsored by the Australian Government. ICDP is an independent, non-profit, non-political organization that encourages and facilitates dialogue, discussions and better relationships between current and emerging Pacific and Australian leaders in government, civil society and the private sector on common challenges.

Brian Mangi

Brian Mangi


A long-term member of our Community, Brian is Managing Director of ‘IT Sup’, an IT consultancy firm located in Honiara since 2015. Previously ICT Network Administrator at the Solomon Islands National University, Brian is an information technology enthusiast with extensive start-up development and advertising experience. Brian attended ICDP’s first dialogue in Fiji in 2018 and has since attended numerous PCC activities as alumnus and Hub Coordinator. Brian has also provided valuable in-country support for the Pacific Technology Academy Coding & E-Commerce training in the Solomon Islands.