Date: 18th August 2023

On the 14th of August 2023, an impactful dialogue unfolded, igniting an inspiring conversation that left a profound mark.

The discussion, titled ‘Empowering Women for Success,’ showcased distinguished personalities – GAP MD Catherine Fritz-Kalish and ICDP Hub Coordinator Shurti Kumar. This exchange not only captured participants’ attention but also reignited their determination.

At its core, the dialogue centred around nurturing women’s empowerment, a subject that Fritz-Kalish and Kumar illuminated through their insights and experiences. They underscored the challenges women encounter and explored strategies for mutual upliftment, paving the way for remarkable achievements. Their collaborative presentation highlighted a notable synergy, reflecting the essence of collaboration and support.

A pivotal takeaway emerged: the strength of women supporting one another. Fritz-Kalish and Kumar emphasised the creation of a community where women can share their stories, address challenges, and celebrate triumphs. Participants left with a resounding message – solidarity among women can overcome barriers and individual obstacles.

Beyond a mere discussion, the event underscored a commitment to advancing women in the business realm. Participants’ palpable enthusiasm for future similar events highlighted the significance of platforms fostering connections, learning, and growth among women. The dialogue’s impact is poised to further propel gender equality and empowerment advocacy.

As the conversation concluded, a profound sense of hope and determination prevailed. The influence of trailblazers like Catherine Fritz-Kalish and Shurti Kumar, who rise to success and extend support to those who follow, cannot be overstated. Their insights provide actionable strategies and motivation for women in Fiji and beyond.

The ‘Empowering Women for Success’ discourse, featuring Catherine Fritz-Kalish and Shurti Kumar, stands as a guiding beacon for future initiatives. The resonance of their words will continue to inspire women to aspire, excel, and uplift one another on the journey ahead.