Talent Insight Solutions Visits Samoa.

Date: Monday, 25 September 2023

In a recent interview with Talent Insight Solutions, we delved into their experience during their business scoping trip and first-time visit to Samoa. Over five days, they learned about Samoa’s culture, how to communicate with businesses in the Pacific, had networking meetings with key movers and shakers in private sector and the development space, and they also conducted a mini-training to deepen their professional relationships in-country. Let’s take a closer look at their memorable moments and insights from this unique trip.

Trip Experience

The journey began with high expectations, and Talent Insight Solutions was not disappointed. They described their visit as “wonderful,” with a packed itinerary that left a lasting impression. One of their most memorable highlights was an evening at the beach, where they were treated to a spectacular sunset and a cultural dance performance accompanied by a delectable buffet dinner. When asked about the experience they said, “The food was delicious, and the dancing was entertaining and educational as the head dancer explained some of the dances to us.”

Learning to drive in Samoa was another unforgettable experience that provided plenty of laughter. They even picked up a local phrase, “did your uncle build the road?” as they navigated the roads where taxi drivers had a reputation for asserting their rule over the roads.


Talent Insight Solutions embarked on their trip with specific goals in mind. They sought to explore opportunities for developing long-term business relationships in the Samoa, leveraging their five years of experience in the Pacific region. Moreover, they eagerly anticipated meeting the team at OneLook Studio, a Samoan Virtual Assistant Agency and strategic partner for them. Meeting face-to-face strengthened their bond and provided valuable insights into working in a culturally acceptable manner, thanks to the guidance of Olisana Mariner-Hughes, who also serves as the Apia Hub Coordinator for ICDP Network.

Course Presentation

During their stay, Talent Insight Solutions presented a mini-training on “Understanding Behaviours In The Workplace” using the Extended DISC Framework. The excitement was palpable as they delivered an engaging and educational training to the teams working at OSM Investments Limited. They wanted to showcase their expertise and engage with the audience effectively using culturally appropriate communication and their efforts were rewarded with active participation, abundant questions, and an engaging atmosphere. When asked about the training they said, “The laughs and comments were great to keep the spirits high.”

Additionally, Talent Insight Solutions had thrilling news to share – Okalani Mariner, Cofounder of Onelook Studio, is set to become the first Accredited Extended DISC practitioner in the Pacific, marking a significant milestone for their team and a step forward in Pacific Partnerships.


Building professional relationships was a pivotal part of their journey. Talent Insight Solutions had clear objectives for expanding their network in Samoa. With guidance from Olisana, they met with a diverse range of individuals who shared a genuine interest in their work and its potential for collaboration. The list of individuals they connected with include:

– Shelley Burich, Vanilla farmer from Vaoala Vanilla, entrepreneur, and Indigenous coach

– Lita Lui, CEO Samoa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc

– Leata Alaimoana, Queensland Trade Commissioner for the Pacific International Operations, Trade and Investment Queensland

– Taupa’u Alex Mikaele, Regional Manager Pacific Australia Sports Hub

– Eka Arp, Communications Assistant Pacific Australia Sports Hub

– Tiresa Poe, Private Sector Partnerships Coordinator, Australian High Commission

– Natanya Potoi-Ulia, Samoa Medical & Anti-Doping Agency

– Dr. Belladonna Potoi, Samoa Medical & Anti-Doping Agency

– Roy Lagolago, PACER Plus – Head of PACER Plus Implementation Unit

Concluding Thoughts

To wrap up the interview, Talent Insight Solutions expressed their gratitude and admiration for Onelook Studio, who played a pivotal role in their successful trip. The team at Onelook Studio provided exceptional hospitality, created a welcoming environment, and efficiently organized their itinerary and connections. They appreciated the workspace provided, which allowed for in-depth discussions and productive collaboration.

Talent Insight Solutions’ journey to Samoa was a fulfilling blend of cultural immersion, professional networking, and educational presentations. Their experience showcases the potential for meaningful cross-cultural partnerships and underscores the importance of building strong connections in the business world. Samoa left an indelible mark on Talent Insight Solutions, and their journey serves as a testament to the opportunities that await those who venture into new territories with an open heart and a clear vision.