Forging Change: Global Shapers Apia and ICDP

Forging Change: Global Shapers Apia and ICDP

Within the landscape of impactful partnerships, the alliance between Global Shapers Apia Hub and the International Centre for Development Partnerships (ICDP) emerges prominently. In a recent dialogue between ICDP and Jasmine, the curator of Global Shapers Apia Hub, the spotlight fell on the essence of this remarkable collaboration.

Jasmine highlighted a significant project symbolizing their joint efforts. Global Shapers from Latvia collaborated with ICDP for the Atamai Online Education and Career Planning Project. This initiative not only involved a study with students from Queensland University of Technology but also fostered a cultural exchange and knowledge transfer.

Partnerships thrive when they mutually benefit both sides. Jasmine emphasized the reciprocity of this collaboration, citing open dialogues, expanded networking opportunities, and shared successes. Together, they’ve bolstered connections between Australia and the developing Pacific region, nurturing ties promising growth and development.

Looking ahead, Jasmine hinted at upcoming endeavours. The Atamai Online project continues to expand, with considerations for potential future study tours. This ongoing dedication stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to positive impact.

As the conversation drew to a close, ICDP sought advice for young entrepreneurs in Samoa and the Pacific. Jasmine’s guidance was simple yet profound—engagement in communities like ICDP, a penchant for collaboration, and an unswerving focus on making a positive difference is pivotal for success.

In conclusion, the conversation with Jasmine illuminated the transformative potential of partnerships. The collaboration between Global Shapers Apia Hub and ICDP serves as an inspiring example, showcasing that united efforts can indeed yield remarkable achievements.