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ICDP Continues its work with Red Hat Impact: Trade Finance Vehicle 2.0 Research Dialogue Invitation

ICDP has been working alongside Red Hat Impact and Supivaa on the next phase of the award winning Trade Finance Vehicle for Pacific and Menstrual Health enterprises (TFV 1.0).

Research was undertaken to identify the way to broadly apply this “trade finance vehicle and facilitation model for women enterprises across the Indo-Pacific. The evaluation and research insights will inform the design of the next iteration, TFV 2.0, and the business model for the new entity which aims to launch operations in July 2024.”

All women entrepreneurs and those who support and invest in them are welcome to attend the discussion.

Register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd6Ppv—2aIutYU8P_MkgMM8_bVI2-g14zrQX53bM0e7dOxA/viewform

Forging Change: Global Shapers Apia and ICDP

Delve into the impactful partnership between Global Shapers Community Apia Hub (GSCA) and the International Centre for Development Partnerships (ICDP). Jasmine, the curator of the Apia Hub, discusses their joint initiative, the Atamai Online Education and Career Planning Project, highlighting its significance in fostering connections, shared successes, and future prospects. The conversation also offers valuable advice for young entrepreneurs in the Pacific, emphasizing community engagement and collaborative efforts for positive change.

Building Bridges and Cultural Connections: An Interview with Dr. Ruari Elkington on Collaborations and Experiences in Samoa

Building Bridges and Cultural Connections: An Interview with Dr. Ruari Elkington on Collaborations and Experiences in Samoa In a recent interview, we had the pleasure of conversing with Dr. Ruari Elkington, Senior Lecturer in Creative Industries and Chief Investigator at QUT Digital Media Research Centre (DMRC). Dr. Elkington shared insights into his collaborative projects with […]

Empowering Women for Success Dialogue

ICDP looks forward to hosting our “Empowering Women for Success” Dialogue, from the Nadi Hub in Fiji. This dialogue will feature exciting discussions with ICDP Director, Catherine Fritz-Kalish and ICDP Nadi/Lautoka Hub Coordinator, Shurti Kumar. The dialogue intends to engage in meaningful conversations and encourage personal and professional growth among participants. Empowering Women for Success […]

ICDP Resilient Businesses Dialogue

ICDP hosted an online dialogue on June 27th 2023, as part of ICDP’s Business Series, focusing on business techniques within the Pacific through virtual and hybrid events. The Resilient Businesses dialogue was a success, with speakers Desmond Aisi of Kuti Sox and Kylie Patterson of Marama Niu, alongside facilitator Salote Waqairatu, navigating discussions on business […]