ICDP Resilient Businesses Dialogue

ICDP hosted an online dialogue on June 27th 2023, as part…
Participants from the Power Of Netoworking Dialogue all smiles on the first zoom session.

Taking the Fork in the Road

Dr Ian Watt AC, Chair of ICDP states “ICDP believes that the relationships and goodwill built over the past 5 years are extremely important. I am very pleased to announce that ICDP will dedicate ongoing resources to enable continued central management and coordination of its network.” He also pays homage to the past five years of investment by the Australian Government in the Pacific Connect program which is closing on 30 September 2022. What a journey!! The Folktale Impact video aptly tells the Pacific Connect story so make sure you check it out. Thank you to everyone on the Pacific Connect journey with us. To quote Dr Watt “We have learnt a lot from experience and plan to apply the learnings as we move to the next chapter.”

Shared values, systems and respect for each other’s views are the foundation stones of our relationship with Australia

Speaking at the opening dinner of the 2022 Pacific Connect Ideas Exchange at NSW Parliament House, Taulapapa Brenda Heather-Latu reflected on the recent Samoan constitutional crisis and spoke of the importance of upholding and promoting democratic values in the Pacific region.

Deeper Sounds, Deeper Connections

The 2022 Pacific Connect Ideas Exchange saw the launch of an exciting new pack of over 150 Fijian music samples and original sounds for use by schools and media creators around the world.

Financial Literacy – Outreach Session in the Community of Lavusa

Pacific Connect Community Hub Coordinator, Shurti Kumar, recently hosted a financial literacy 'outreach session' with local community members in Lavusa, Fiji. Shurti shares her experience in leading the event.